Secret Diary

Double-daring home stretch

Posted by Andi

As May draws to a close (can it be this close to summer already?) the double-daring challenges keep rolling in. Gloria at Gloria’s Place invites readers to break out the eco-paints and brushes and paint a room. Colleen Katana, inspired by Dancing With The Stars and a chapter from Double-Daring, challenges her readers to do a waltz. The Casual Perfectionist starts a dream journal for her young daughter and dares commenters to share their own dreams. At Miss O’s Library Land, the challenge (inspired by the chapter on starting your own Mother-Daughter Book Club) is for librarians to share their best Mother-Daughter Book Club moment. And Cursing Mama makes a rock tower and challenges her readers to best her at stacking rocks. Mama Fasha also has a rock-tower-building challenge going on, with great pictures of her kids and their well-balanced rocks. At The Zen of Motherhood, it’s a hula-hooping contest; My Little Patch of Sunshine dares readers to make a decoupage bowl; and at The Spice Choir, Heather tries her hand at the ancient art of furoshiki.