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Summertime Double-Daring challenges

Posted by Andi on June 23rd, 2009

After Squid’s fantastic review of the book the other week, she plunged in and had a kool-aid hair dyeing party with seven girls (Brave woman, and awesome photos!). Kimmy Lou Who also had the kool-aid hair-dye bug, and Meredith O’Brien is taking on the challenge as well, in addition to also making a lava lamp and a decoupage bowl with her kids. Over at Zen Sarcasm, Madame Meow is planning to study the art of the Japanese tea ceremony, and challenges her readers to try something they’ve always wanted to do. Emily at Design Her Mama discovers that hula hooping is hard work, and The Full Mommy wants her daughter to learn to throw a good spiral (eventually!). At Simple Things, Mojavi suggests a “hang a spoon on your nose” challenge (and also challenges her playgroup to dye their kids’ hair red, white, and blue in a July 4th kool-aid hair dye extravaganza). Kate at Mother Words makes some awesome friendship pins, and at Noteworthy, Kyran Pittman writes a thoughtful post about daring things she did as a young daring girl (complete with a picture of her at 10, with her dad, using her very own machete) and asks her readers to share a bit about their own daring pasts.

More double-daring challenges and reviews

Posted by Andi on June 12th, 2009

Inspired by the star-gazing chapter in the Double-Daring Book, ExpatMama takes to the skies and challenges her readers to find (and name) three constellations. Mrs. Squirrel at Hollow Squirrel double-dog-dares her readers to try their hands at furoshiki. Mom and More asks her audience to take a shot at making a snow globe. Parenting Our Children suggests a hula-hoop competition (18 times is the number to beat there). At Chickanuts, the challenge is to name a female Nobel Prize winner from France, and the crew at Weebles Wobblog shares their very own home-made lava lamps and dares everyone else to give it a try.

Over at All Rileyed Up, Riley used the book as the basis for a mom’s night in, trying everything from hula hooping and dream analysis to playing the harmonica and playing charades. Miss O’s Library Land highlights some of her favorite topics from the book. Amy at A Family Story is using the book with her Daisy Girl Scout Troop. At BeliefNet, Their Bad Mother wonders, “If a child pees in the forest, does anybody care?” (Yes, the book explains how to pee in the woods!) At Squidalicious, Squid reviews the book and lavishes it with praise for its “good, hard, enticingly written information,” and Susan at Crunchy Granola invites her readers to reminisce about some of their favorite rainy-day games.