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How to Short-Sheet A Bed

For this prank you’ll need to know the oldfashioned skill of making a bed, the fancy way, with tucked-in sheets.

Here’s a refresher: Fit the bottom sheet over the mattress. Tuck the top sheet under the foot of the bed and along at least part of the sides. Lay the blanket on top, tuck that in too, and then neatly fold the top edge of the sheet over the blanket, about six inches or so. There. Stand back and observe your handiwork, because you will want the short-sheeted bed to look the same way.

To short-sheet a bed, you merely reposition the top sheet. Instead of tucking it in at the foot of the bed, tuck it in at the head of the bed. Lay out the sheet and halfway down the bed, stop and fold the sheet back toward the pillows. Place the blanket on top and fold a few inches of sheet on top for that neat, just-made look. This bed looks normal, but just try and stretch your legs out!

Important: Don’t do this to anyone whose feelings will be hurt, only to those you know will laugh hard or at least giggle when they figure it out.

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