Get Daring!

This summer, show your girls what it means to be adventurous, creative, and of course daring by incorporating some of the fantastic activities featured in The Daring Book for Girls. Below are a few suggested activities from the book.

  • Relay Obstacle Course: A great way to kick off your Daring Day event is to create an obstacle course. Have counselors come up with a series of planned tasks that campers must complete. Some suggestions may include climbing rope, sliding down a zip line cord, running through tires etc. Click here for complete instructions on creating a zip line to use during your event.
  • Friendship Bracelets: Camp is the best time for kids to learn how to develop and foster friendships. Click here to download activity sheets to help your campers create their own special friendship bracelets.
  • How to Play Cards: It’s raining, it’s pouring…but don’t despair. Click here for a complete set of rules for classic card games that every daring girl should know!
  • Bird Watching: The summer is a great time to introduce your campers to the art of bird watching. Have campers split up into groups, led by at least one counselor, and see how many different types of birds they can locate. Each camper should bring along a life-list journal (small spiral notebook) to write down the name, description, or sketch of a dominant characteristic of the birds they find. Later on they can look up each of the birds in a bird identification book to find out more about these birds. Be sure campers bring along a pair of binoculars, a good bird guidebook, comfortable clothes and lots of patience!
  • I Spy: Cultivate the curiosity in your daring campers by learning all about women spies from the Revolutionary War to World War II. Have counselors generate a list of interesting facts about these women, which can be found in the book, and the different methods in which spies have learned to communicate (example: Morse Code). Then, have campers come up with their own secret messages and switch with others to decode.

Remember the ideas for activities in this book are limitless. Have fun and let your campers dig in and use their imaginations!