Press Release: Double-Daring Book for Girls

“Any former girl – read: current mom- will find its chapters on jacks and handclap games irresistible.” New York Times Magazine on Daring Book for Girls

THE DOUBLE-DARING BOOK FOR GIRLS (Collins; ISBN 006174879X; March 24, 2009; $26.99) continues the success of mega bestseller The Daring Book for Girls. THE DOUBLE-DARING BOOK FOR GIRLS is an even bigger, better, more daring guide to everything from surfing to making a raft to learning the rules of football and the art of the Japanese Tea Ceremony!

It would have been hard not to notice the book everyone was talking about in 2007, The Daring Book for Girls. That book, which was the girls answer to The Dangerous Book for Boys, resonated with readers and reviewers alike and was the perfect no-boys-allowed manual for everything from camping out to schoolyard games to great women in history.

DOUBLE-DARING builds on the first volume with chapters on Friendship and Courage, Great Women in Math and Science, and even a chapter with suggestions for How to Become President of the United States! In a less ambitious vein, there are also chapters on How to Paint a Room, or Start a Mother-Daughter Book Club, and tips on How to Practice Anything. “As always,” say the authors Miriam Peskowitz and Andrea J. Buchanan, “we want to take the pressure out of girlhood and childhood, and help kids have low-tech, inexpensive fun.”

Just as packed with daring material as the original, but twice as fun, this book will be beloved by all fans of the original, plus many new ones.