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How to whistle through a blade of grass

Pluck a blade of grass that’s at least about 3 inches long. Find the toughest grass you can with the widest blade. If there’s a seam running down the middle of the grass, all the better: That means it’s really wide.

How to whistle through a blade of grassLay the blade across the outside of one thumb. Press the outside of the other thumb against the first thumb—first, the base of the thumb, and then the tip. This should create a small pocket betweenyour thumbs, with the blade of grass stretched flat in between. The blade needs to be fairly taut.

Blow into the pocket (try making a small slit with your lips); this should vibrate the grass and make a squawking sound. Moving the tips of your thumbs back and forth makes the grass pull more or less taut, changing the pitch.