Praise for The Daring Book for Girls

“An old-fashioned-fun-and survival guide specifically for the pigtail pack … offers primers on everything from changing a tire and negotiating pay to basic karate moves and lighthearted pranks. Now Hayley has no excuse for sitting at the computer while Zack is up in his tree house.”
—Reader’s Digest

“With tips on doing cartwheels and pulling pranks, The Daring Book for Girls is old-school cool—like its bestselling brother The Dangerous Book for Boys.”
Good Housekeeping

“The authors mix inspiring tales of girls who made good … with a scrap bag of how-tos for girlish activities … The Daring Book for Girls keeps … practical knowledge from getting drowned in the techno-flow.”
—The New York Times

“The essential how-to manual for the modern-day girl.”
—Teen Vogue

“Not that we’re feeling competitive, but The Dangerous Book for Boys does seem a wee bit . . . exclusionary. Happily, The Daring Book for Girls shows the women of the future—and their adventurous elders (us!)—everything from how to tie a sari to how to negotiate a salary and clues them in on the first rules of softball (never apologize unless you actually bop someone). Among the joys: nearly extinct games (like “Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board”) that may have eluded you while you were busy with Barbie and boy toys.”
—O, The Oprah Magazine